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Why Choose Fluid Concrete Designs?

Fluid Concrete Designs owner, Josh Supanich, is of the few people in Michigan certified by the Concrete Countertop Institute. Since childhood, Josh has had a knack for building and fixing things. He turned that knack into a decade-long career in construction, manufacturing, and sales. On weekends and evenings, he was in his garage teaching himself to repair cars, renovate his home, and continuously finding new projects to push and expand on his natural abilities.

Along the way, Josh studied business, economics, and language arts at Northwood University, earning a Bachelor’s degree.

While in these diverse settings, Josh discovered a passion for working with concrete. He values its beauty, versatility, and durability. He appreciates how craftsmen shape this classic building material into drop-dead gorgeous countertops, backsplashes, vanities, fire tables, showers, fireplaces, and more.

He sought professional training and graduated from the Concrete Countertop Institute in October 2017. In 2018, he opened Fluid Concrete Designs and dedicates himself to bringing his customers’ dreams to life. He works in homes, cottages, cabins, and commercial settings throughout Michigan.

As part of his Concrete Countertop Institute certification, Josh adheres to a Code of Ethics.

Josh Supanich
Josh SupanichOwner

“I am passionate about handcrafting high-end concrete products of the highest quality”

The Concrete Countertop Professional Code of Ethics

I am a Concrete Countertop Professional. I believe and affirm that:

  • Concrete countertops, fireplaces, sinks, tubs, furniture and other concrete elements should meet the same basic quality standards that these same elements meet when created from other materials. The elements should perform the function for which they were intended in a way that satisfies the expectations of the client and generally accepted levels of fit, finish and performance.
  • As a professional, I am constantly improving my techniques of concrete making, installation, project execution and customer service.
  • I maintain and conduct business in accordance with fair and honorable standards of competition.
  • I improve the customer experience by assisting in the education and product knowledge of my company’s clients and customers (builders, kitchen & bath dealers, architects, designers, and homeowners) before, during, and after installation.
  • I strive to promote a spirit of cooperation within the concrete countertop industry.
  • I pledge to contribute to the community by offering my insight and experience for the betterment of all members.

Why Choose Concrete?

Don’t make the mistake of dismissing concrete as a material only for use in industrial settings.

Modern techniques have transformed smooth, non-porous concrete into a fashionable, on-trend material for homes and businesses. Pigments transform this classic building material into virtually any color. Adding colored stones and glass creates terrazzo or mosaic effects. Edge profiles are limitless. Finishing techniques and new sealants create a variety of patinas, ranging from high-gloss to burnished mattes.

At Fluid Concrete Designs, we rely on Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) to create a lightweight, yet strong, compound. We can etch, polish, sandblast and stencil GFRC. It supports acid staining, dying, pigmentation, aggregates, veining, and more. GFRC can be formed into almost any shape. With professional finishing and sealing techniques, concrete is durable and resists staining, chipping, and cracking, making it ideal for countertops and three-dimensional structures.

Our prices vary, depending upon a range of factors. In general, though, concrete costs about the same as granite. Because concrete is naturally porous, we use a sealer designed to protect from stains and chips. We do recommend the use of cutting boards to minimize the risk of damage.

Our Process

Whether you’re considering building something new or remodeling an existing structure, consider the flexibility of concrete for bringing your dreams to life.

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